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Hip Stability for Better posture and Performance

Bridge exercise variation/progressions: For Hip stability and strength, to improve posture and avoid lower back pain. Due to sedentary lifestyle, too much sitting or lack of engaging buttock muscles during exercise and sport activities, most people have weak hip muscles (gluteus medius, maximus, and deep 6 hip muscles). Single leg bridge is one of the best exercises to stabilize and strengthen hip musculature, as well abdominal muscles, if it's done correctly. If this is too hard, always start with simple bridge exercise where both feet on the floor. I posted this before. #singlelegbridge#hipstability #hipstrength #glutesstrength#corestability #hippain #lowbackpain#betterposture #gluteusmedius#gluteusmaximus #singlelegmarch #fitness#greatanatomyfitness #physicaltherapy#exercisetherapy #strongbutt#gluteworkout #hiprehab #corestability#fitness #physio #betterposture Single leg bridge march: hold the bridge pose, and raise alternating each foot only 1 or 2 inches off the floor without tilting and lowering your pelvis and low back. Go slow, try to hold each foot off the floor up to 3-5 seconds. For more challenge, hold each foot off the floor and do small pulsing movements as you keep pelvis and spine stable.

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