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Hamstring strength

Stability ball leg curl is a great exercise for core and hip stability. It's an advanced exercise, if you'd like to progress your regular bridge. If you are a runner or cyclist, ball leg curl would be a good addition to your conditioning workout. Ball leg curl helps to strengthen deep core muscles, hamstrings and glutes for muscular balance and strength. 1- Ball leg curl Place feet on the ball, relax arms on the floor. Slowly lift your buttocks off the floor using abdominal muscles. Once you stabilize the body, inhale to prepare and as you exhale, bring your legs toward your chest using your buttock muscles, not your low back. Flatten your feet on the ball as you lift. Inhale, hold 2 seconds and exhale slowly straighten your knees back to the start position. Make sure your movements are controlled by your abdominal and buttock muscles. Try not to push your arms into floor and tense your neck to lift your body. Movement should be smooth, controlled and slow. 2- Hold the bridge pose. Once you stabilize, begin to challenge your balance and stability by moving your arms different directions. Be creative with it to challenge your balance and stability, and have fun. For more challenge, close your eyes, and swing your arms. Make sure you use your glutes, hamstrings, and abdominals, but not your lower back. #Balllegcurl #stabilityball #corestability#hipstability #balance #muscularbalance#runners #athleticconditioning#hamstrings #gluteusmaximus#advancebridge #kneerehab#hamstringcurl #greatanatomyfitness#fitness #physicaltherapy #backpain#hippain #exercisetherapy #glutes#buttocks #runrehab#strengthandconditioning#hamstringworkout #personaltraining#gluteworkout #hiprehab

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