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ARM Circles - Posture Exercise to prevent rounded shoulders-Egoscue posture therapy

If you have shoulder, neck and upper back pain, the source of the pain is usually due to postural issues (rounded shoulders, forward neck, rounded back...etc.).

Do this exercise correctly every day to prevent shoulder and neck issues.

How to do:

Stand with your feet pointed straight and hip-width apart.

Place your finger tips into the pad of each hand and point your thumbs straight out. This is referred to as golfers's grip and maintaining this hand position is important for the exercise to be done correctly.

Pull your shoulders back by squeezing your shoulder blades together and down, then bring your arms out straight from your sides up to shoulder level.

With palms facing down and thumbs pointing straight forward rotate your hands up and forward in approx. 6 inch circles and continue as directed.

Then reverse direction: palms should now face up, with thumbs pointed straight backward. Rotate your hands up and backward, continue as directed.

Fun Facts: This exercise promotes bilateral lumbar function through thoracic stabilization and scapular mobilization.



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