• Working with Nesve for the last few months has been a wonderful experience for me. I attend one three-person buddy training session per week, and four group classes. Nesve makes working out so much fun that I have gone from never exercising to working out at least five days a week with her. I love the friendly atmosphere of the classes, and the way that Nesve designs them to accommodate all levels of fitness. She keeps us all working toward new group challenges, while enabling us to progress at our own pace, along our own individual growth curves.  The challenges she sets are always well thought out, which means that class is always an opportunity for fun and growth – never something to be dreaded.  It’s clear to all that Nesve is genuinely having fun herself, truly cares about others and is passionate about helping them achieve their fitness goals. I would encourage everyone to try Nesve’s classes.  You’ll have lots of fun and will soon be feeling better and enjoying the benefits of a healthier lifestyle.  Sharon from Uhills, Irvine.
  • I have an injury that has made it hard for me to trust just anyone, and Nesve has done an excellent job at helping me rehabilitate my injury and strengthen my core muscles, while making it fun! She also offers wonderful exercise classes in the neighborhood, check out www.uhills.org website!  Roxanne from Uhills, Irvine.
  • Nesve's classes are a great whole-body workout, and so fun and affordable. She has an endless supply of ideas to keep the class ever-changing so things never get boring! She creates an encouraging and friendly atmosphere for everyone, and caters to each individual's needs. If you're looking for a fitness class that you will actually look forward to attending, this is it.  Deborah from Uhills.
  • I have been a consistent patron of Nesve's cardio-sculpt and core 'n' more classes at UCI for two years. I attend 2-3 times a week, and would go more often if I could! Nesve's classes have helped me rehabilitate from back and elbow injuries, and increased greatly my overall health and fitness. But more than that they consistently fun and engaging. Nesve has tremendous reserves of energy and verve; no matter how tired or reluctant I am when I come to class, I always leave relaxed and refreshed. You will love working out with Nesve!  Amy, Associate Professor, UCI. 
  • I have been taking exercise classes on and off over the last three decades and Nesve Yayalar is hands-down the best instructor I have encountered. She modifies her exercises for individual ability while promoting an atmosphere of community and fun. I have become stronger, more flexible, and have a greater awareness of my posture. Gracias, Nesve!  Vicky from Uhills.

  • For the past year I have had the pleasure of training with Nesve Yayalar in both group and custom classes. Every facet of my experience—from burpees to being able to touch my toes has been rewarding and fun. I love training with Nesve and my fellow fitness buddies. Nesve is: 1) Nesve is very knowledgeable. She is a certified trainer, current with the literature in her field of fitness and nutrition. She understands anatomy and physiology and works with you to strengthen your body to prevent injury, or in some cases work within the limitations of past or current injury. She works with everyone (even in a group setting) on a personal level. 2) Nesve never does the same workout. Each class is a different, total body experience. You are worked from your head to your toes>cardio, strength training, flexibility and balance, with a particular focus on core strengthening. Combinations fun tubing, bands, weights, blocks, omniballs, kettlebells all provide a dynamic workout, always fresh, challenging, fun and quite a bargain. 3) Nesve is a top-notch professional and all around fabulous person. I look forward to her catchy enthusiasm, her positive approach to fitness. She creates a great atmosphere of comradeship. All of us have so much fun as we sweat through the cardio, groan through core work and finish with high-five all around. Working with Nesve is the best part of my day and has been a key factor in making me a healthier and happier person. Kim W. Uhills Resident
  • Nesve Yayalar is an absolutely fantastic fitness instructor. Whether leading large classes or small, semi-private lessons, Nesve keeps everyone motivated, focused, and--believe it or not--smiling. It's true: working out with Nesve is challenging and fun! She's thoughtful and non-judgmental, too, helping participants to find their appropriate level, whatever the exercise, and to set challenging but reachable goals. Nesve is also super smart, and she's knowledgeable about the latest research in physiology, exercise, and related fields. My advice: Take classes with Nesve, and take them as often as you can! Emily, Uhills Resident
  • I started training with Nesve in a group setting over a year ago.  When I began training, I didn't consider myself unhealthy or not fit, as I was going to a gym on a regular basis.  However, due to knee problems I gave up running over 2 years ago and had put on some unwanted weight which wasn't changing my training on my own.  When I began training under Nesve, I quickly realized that I wasn't as conditioned as I thought I was.  For me, training on my own became routine and I was strong in some muscle groups but didn't have an overall fitness that I wanted.  Being in Nesve's class was an eye opener as I was much weaker than I thought, and through her training I have become much stronger and have more endurance.  She never does the same routine two classes in a row and as a result I've had to work harder because your body doesn't get used to a specific exercise.  She personalizes the training and making sure we work on weak points - and she always makes the classes fun.  I now attend three classes in either a group or small personalized training setting.  I am indebted to Nesve for her commitment to her clients.  I unconditionally support her methods and her knowledge of training.  I cancelled my gym membership over 8 months ago and now only go to her classes. Cathy, UCI Professor